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Sewer & Septic Services in Virginia Beach, VA


MDM prides itself in providing quality and efficient septic services.
For us customer satisfaction means a job well done.
MDM monster truck - Septic Line cleaning in Virginia Beach, VA
MDM Black Truck - Septic Line cleaning in Virginia Beach, VA
MDM Sterling - Septic Line cleaning in Virginia Beach, VA
  • Septic Tank pumping: empty septic tank and inspect to assure its proper functionality
  • Septic Line cleaning: jetting out main lines as well as distribution boxes and drain fields
  • Sewer Line: jet main sewer lines and vacuum all the debris to a tank
  • Storm Drain cleaning: Storm catch basin and line cleaning
Our septic trucks are capable of vacuuming liquids such as septic waste and grease traps. Both the 2500 gallon and 4000 gallon truck are equipped with jetters, to jet and pressure wash, clean up spills. The VacCon, an industrial vacuum truck, will vacuum liquids or solids, and is equipped with two hand wands that can be used for jetting or washing spills, cleaning storm drains, and commercial pumping stations.
We service many geographical areas, including:
Chesapeake, Hampton, Knotts Island, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, and Moyock, NC